Terri 'Sings with Ravens' Rivera

is known by many as a gifted psychic medium, singer and songwriter, curandera of native heritage and one of the founders of Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit. As a singer/songwriter she was nominated for a Native American Music Award and came in runner-up in the John Lennon song writing contest.

Terri 'Sings With Ravens'  grew up in Idaho along the Snake River. She now lives with her husband Tom (Johnson) own Alternate Universe Rock Shop. (House of Phacops) just three miles from the Serpent Mound State Park on the southeastern edge of a five-mile wide impact crater. The shop is also sitting on top of a 17.5 km long fault line that is miles deep and is emitting a constant flow of positive energy.collaborates with other healers to hold spiritual retreats at the Serpent Mound, a site in Southern Ohio and presented at workshops throughout the U.S. and Mexico and worked with healers from around the world to hold spiritual retreats in various global locations. 

Her story

Terri's ancestral heritage is Apache, Aztec, Pima, Chilean, Northern Africa and Irish.

She comes from a long line of curanderas — female healers — on her father's side. Her maternal great-grandfather was an Irish/Chilean healer who came to the United States from Chile. He called himself a dentist, but did much healing and curing.

At the age of 5, during a tough and violent time in her childhood, she had a vision of the Lady of Guadalupe.

As she describes it:

"A woman came into my room one night with many children following her. She said 'It's time for you to go home.' Very afraid, I shook my head 'no'. The woman continued moving along and went into the wall.

Suddenly, the room filled with light and the Lady of Guadalupe was there in front of me! At first, I was very afraid and closed my eyes, I was only 5 after all. But then I opened them again and looked at her. Her smile took all my fear away. She said to me 'Am I not here beside you? Am I not here to heal all this pain? Am I not here to spiritually guide you? Am I not here to heal all this pain?

From that moment I knew that she was really there with me and that I had a reason to live."

It was this experience that inspired the song 'My Lady Sings (Grandmother Aurelia's song)' from the album Blue Moon.

Sings with Ravens has joined with Navajo, Hopi, Shawnee, Choctaw, Cherokee, Apache, Lakota, Irish, Aztec, Mayan, Zuni, and Incan Healers, to share Healing ways as well as learning from many traditions. It is because of her studies and her rich and diverse ancestral heritage that her mission has become to help others rediscover (as she has) their own Indigenous Spiritual identities.


Terri's ceremonies are based off of Native traditions and each is unique unto itself.

She likes to start retreats or ceremonies with a sweat lodge, or temescal to cleanse purify ground and set intentions. During this part of the ceremony she really listens to the creator and the people and the land on which way they should go from there. She incorporates spirit names, drums, personal chants, and lots and lots of music so that each may find their voice and become one voice in healing and growth.

Personal healing sessions are equally unique. Terri prays about the situation and listens to spirit on how to proceed and one can never expect to have the same experience twice.

Her Music

Growing up in Idaho, she was influenced by the Powwow's held at the nearby Shoshoni-Bannock Reservation, where she would listen for hours to the beat of the drum that would pierce her very soul and tell her of things to come. She sang at many of these powwows and continues to sing at colleges and schools as well as write and record songs.

"I always sang or hummed it seemed to calm the anger in my house while growing up. I got yelled at and hit growing up but never for singing or humming.

It was always curious to me when I would meet people that I could always hear music coming from them, you know like their personal scent. I figured every one could hear music and it applied to people, places, and things. The music was like chants around people - usually has no words, just vocal sounds which makes them very powerful and personal. It helps me 'see' people better…if something is missing in their soul, it's like an unfinished phrase."

In her youth she sang at many powwows and continues to sing at colleges and schools as well as write and record songs.


  • Healing Songs and Chants from the Alternate Universe - Compilation
    By Terri Rivera
    Listen on Soundcloud
  • For the Love of Country
    By Terri Rivera
    Listen on Soundcloud
  • Blue Moon - Tribal Chants and Songs
    By Terri Rivera and Laney Goodman
    Available from CD Baby
  • In the Arms of The Mother - A Wellness Meditation
    By Terri Rivera and Laney Goodman
    Listen on Soundcloud
    Please email Terri to order this meditation.
    Price: $10 + $3.50 s/h
  • Contemporary Native American Music
    By Terri Rivera
    The album was chosen as a runner up in the world category of the 1999 John Lennon Songwriting Contest and is Terri's first recording.
    Email for more information.

Terri's music has also been featured on two DVDs:
Max Dash's "Women's Power" from her Suppressed Histories Archives dedicated for more than 30 years of research and gathering of information to put a global perspective on women's power.

The award-winning documentary "Metis - Of Mixed Blood." Produced in 1999 by Barbara Cook, the film documents the life of Mechi Garza, a Native American Elder and Medicine Woman.