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The ROCK SHOP (House of Phacops, Alternate Universe) Is a rock shop and trilobite gallery.  On a small 1 acre patch of land at the intersection of State Route 41 and State Route 73, just 3 miles from SERPENT MOUND State Park. It sits on the Southeastern edge of a 5 mile wide IMPACT CRATOR and on top of A DEEP 17.5 km long FAULT that is miles deep thus EMITTING A CONSTANT FLOW OF POSITIVE ENERGY.

Since 1978 this small business has supplied fossil and mineral specimens worldwide. The shop features fossils, minerals, custom handmade jewelry, art, carvings, music and herbs. The centerpiece of the shop is a Trilobite Gallery created by the U.S. National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. 

The Trilobite Gallery was created in 1986 to display the Thomas T. Johnson Collection at the Smithsonian, and later moved to the House of Phacops. Many of the Trilobites in the gallery were loaned to the Smithsonian's "Life in the Ancient Seas" Gallery before being re-united with the House of Phacops Gallery in 1990. Some of the specimens have been viewed by over 200 million Smithsonian visitors. 


Tom Johnson, owner of The House of Phacops, began researching the Isotelus Trilobite, Official State Fossil of Ohio, in 1985. The largest known example of the State fossil is on exhibit at his shop. Built on the foundation of a tannery that operated in Locust Grove around 1850, the building is clad with Ordovician flat rock quarried in Adams County. The Ordovician seabed, dating back 438 million years, attracted Johnson to Adams County because the ancient seabed contains the finest known examples of the Isotelus Trilobite.
Collected a lot around Sylvania, Ohio in an old 350 million year old sea bed 90 feet under ground through the 60's and 70's until the government stopped that activity with MSHA and OSHA 1979, He then moved to southern Ohio and began collecting an even older sea bed of 438 million. Many trips around the planet to collect and study fossils dating back to 2,7 billion years, recognized for his achievements in 1984 by the Smithsonian and National Geographic, he has written 3 books and lectured on the subject of trilobites.


Tom Johnson conducts workshops for universities in the serpent mound impact crater. He does private tours as well, cost is 100.00 and takes 2 hours. Groups up to 12 are welcome. There are 6 stops along the way and collecting is permitted. Many Universities use this service and I have taken hundreds of students and teachers into the crater over the years. We study the diverse geology, magnetics, faults, and minerals on the tour.

Tours of the Serpent Mound Impact Crater are offered for a small fee. Free carving classes are offered 4 times a year, and seasonal workshops on Geology and Paleontology are offered for Universities throughout the region.

The House of Phacops has become a focal point Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Peace Summits. Johnson’s wife Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera is a song writer of Native American Music, offering CD’s for sale and hosting readings and healings on the weekends. Their Facebook group Serpent Mound Alternate Universe Rock shop showcases Native American history and culture along with geology and paleontology, and sponsors events at Serpent Mound.

Look for the sign across the street from the Locust Grove Dairy bar.

Look for the sign across the street from the Locust Grove Dairy bar.

Crater at Serpent Mound

Trailing the Trilobite
Discovering the Mysterious Trilobite (order from Amazon)

Ancient Aliens: Season 3, Ep 1

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