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Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit - 2018
Sponsored by Alternate Universe House of Phacops and Friends of Serpent Mound 

All nations  All races  All my relations

Adams County has a new, internationally significant event: Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit. Held annually in March (timed to celebrate the Spring Equinox), the Summit brings together delegations from the Americas and all around the world to talk and pray about and for International Peace. Its message: “It Takes a Village; All nations All races All my relations”.

Organized by Locust Grove residents Thomas Johnson and Terri Sings With Ravens, the three-day event is held annually at Woodland Altars event center & campground just a few miles from Serpent Mound. Free and open to the public, the Summit is made possible by voluntary contributions and fund drives.

A major focus of the three-day program is the celebration and blessing of ancient seeds from around the world; praying, energizing, and exchanging these seeds. “It will be these seeds that will be planted by the people; the pollen from the flowers will be carried by the bees and wind all over the world. The power of these seeds is the Power of Creation, the planting of a New World of Peace” say the event’s founders.

Three days of celebration include family-friendly and children’s activities, music, dance, meditation, and prayer by an amazing array of Native Speakers and Musicians, from all over the world. “This is a self-sustaining event,” explains Terri. “Everyone brings non-GMO food, wild game or free range meats and eggs. We encourage everyone to take a turn volunteering in the kitchen with prep work, cooking and clean up. Leftover food goes to two different soup kitchens and a self-sustaining community. Money left over goes for speakers in honorarium.”

Part of the attraction is Woodland Altars itself, nestled deep in the quiet hills of Southern Ohio. Woodland Altars overlooks the impact crater, a unique geological formation. “There’s lots of beautiful energy,” says Tom Johnson, a well-known authority on trilobites and other fossils. Attendees can camp on site or stay in comfortable accommodations scattered among 450 acres of natural beauty.

Grandmother TreeGrandmother Tree is a Blue Ash that is close to 400 years old. She sits right next to and on top of a fresh water spring (said to be the purest around).

IT IS HERE WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE OUR WATER BLESSING CEREMONY!!! LED BY GREAT GREAT OJIBWAY GRANDMOTHER Mary Lyons AND ANISHINAABE GRANDMOTHER Sharon Day. The water flows from the spring into a pond and eventually makes its way down to Brush creek that then can connect to the missouri and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.


March 23-25th 2018 
Friday thru Sunday

Woodland Alters 
33200 State Route 41
Peebles, OH 45660

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Red Tent Society
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Love Donations

Pay What You Can: It all makes a differece no mater how LARGE or small. 
There are many Chiefs, Elders, musicians and speakers we need to provide travel expenses, lodging, and meals for.

There are several methods in which you can contribute:

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House Of Phacops
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Funding Serpent Mound Peace Summit


It takes a village to produce such an event and we are open to any suggestions for the event.
All types of volunteers are welcome.

Julian Lauzzana
Director of Food and Fellowship
Hello community I would like to introduce you to our Chief....chef lol. Ok the blessed soul that will coordinate the food gathering and preparing of the food and answering of the food related questions. 


We will have vendors at our three day event at Woodland Aaltars.
$50.00 per day or all three for $100.00.

If interested contact Thomas Johnson at or Terri A Rivera at


Great-Grandmother Mary Lyons
Ojibwe Elder, Niish-Nibi-Ikwe “Second Water Woman”, Elder of Mitigwakk-Daywaygus-Giwstashskad “Water Drum Circle”, Sr. Member of the “Top Hat Medicine Dress/Long Skirt Society”, Spiritual Advisor, Storyteller, Wisdom Teacher. One of the four Indigenous Grandmothers that oversee the Women of Wellbriety, Int’l. and active United Nations Observer on Women/Indigenous Issues.

Watch: Water ceremony explanation

Anishinaabe Grandmother Sharon Day
Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe, Leader of Nibi Walks, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Indigenous People's Task Force.

Maexika/ Aztec dancers

Grandfather Mazatzin Casas Acosta
Kickapoo and Chichimeka First Nations descent, devotes his life’s work to understanding and sharing the teachings of his culture, and in particular the Aztek Cosmology and Cosmo-perception. He is a founding Board Member of the new International First Nations Academy; a member of the Frente Nacional e Internacional Mexicano Pro Derechos Humanos; and a Peace Ambassador for the United Nations.

Maori Grandmother Rachael Page
Has lived experiences as an Indigenous Traditional Practitioner derived from her whakapapa of Tainui, Maniapoto, where her grandparents, as well as a long line of ancestors, were traditional healers of Rongo? M?ori-tangata, to their whanau, and h?pu of Aotea, Ngati Wai, Tainui and Ngapuhi tribal connections.

Garrett Duncan
Born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan born for the Red Running into the Water clan. His maternal grandfather's clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather's clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from a small community of Sanostee, New Mexico and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.

Listen: Cole Coaching podcast interview

Bikbaye Inejnema
Teacher of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) knowledge, cultural activist, healer, spoken word, rap artist and writer.

Listen: Blogtalk radio

Terri 'Sings with Ravens' Rivera
Aztec, Apache, Irish. Co-founder of the Peace summit.

Thomas Johnson
Paleontologist and co-founder of the Peace Summit.

Carla Poluha
Co-host, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Private Yoga Instructor, she is also certified in the healing art of accupressure, facilitator of the Munay-Ki rites and the Red Tent Society.
She will lead a gathering with the intent of creating visual art on canvas with washable paints, conceived during a shamanic journey with live music.

Grandmother Marcie Craynon
Hualapai Tribe Cultural Resources & Keeper of The Seeds

Robert White Mountain
A Hunkpapa Lakota Elder from the South Dakota side of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation whose passion is to bring sustainabilty practices back to the Lakota people. Founder/ Director of the Natural Law Institute.

Grandfather Dr. Arthur Robert Cushman

Bishop Darrell Nichols
Peace activist

Robert "Baabe" Irving III
Pianist / Composer / Producer / Visual Artist

Learn more

Wyman Bear RedStar Sr.
Lakota, From Wounded Knee S.D. Pine Ridge Reservation.

Jeffrey Wilson
Friends of Serpent Mound President.

Baba Jubal Harris
Percussionist, drum maker, storyteller and teaching artist.
Watch: PBS

Anara WhiteBear & Chris Katsaropoulos
Star Ambassadors

Grace Montijo De Trujillo
Great Great Great Granddaughter to Teresita Urrea the Saint of Cabora.

Red Tent Society: A Sacred Gathering

The goal of the RTS is to create a safe and sacred place for women to gather, as a community, to explore and express their divine and physical femininity.  During the event a space will be designated specifically for this purpose.

Each evening there will be a mediation with a common theme - The Ritual of the Womb - which will be drawing on the power of the moon. This gathering is open to all, men and women alike, to join together in ceremony for healing and experiencing the feminine mysteries.

Learn more about the Red Tent Society


Head MC — Connie Davis

Mark McGuire Music

Liberian AB Mellish musician

Jen Noel

Liz Morgan

Wisman Band

Chris Davis

Zack Kouns

Gio Kusanagi - Native Japanese performance artist and interpretive dancer

Please contact Terri Sings With Ravens for inquiries


Bunks are $35 a night
Tent Space $35 a night
RVs $50.00 a night

E-mail Carla Poluha 412-862-7348 or PayPal